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free video tutorials

All video tutorials I've contributed to can be found on My YouTube Channel, along with a few samples from the DTE v3 book which I've added as freebies. Keep checking back and subscribe to the channel and my Facebook page as I'll be updating those considerably more than this page from now on. Here's a sample.

Currently (to date) there are around 14 video tutorials on YouTube which totals around six hours of content. Don't forget to subscribe for additional updates and also let me know if there's any specific ones you'd like to see in the future...

free articles

A number of tips, tricks, techniques, answers to questions and tutorials I have written over the past few years for various publications. This list will grow, expand and possibly be modified over time, so check back occasionally! The text contained within is un-modified from the the day it was written and may be slightly different from the text in the publications, due to editing for space, terminology or daft schpelling mishtakes.

Copyright / Legal bumph: All content is copyrighted and may not be redistributed without expressed permission in writing. Articles and resources (3ds max files, zip files contained on this site etc) may not be re-edited, translated and/or published elsewhere or in any other medium or format without the author's permission.

Many thanks to Cris over at 3D-Palace.com for originally hosting these tutorials!! Many thanks mate - all you lot should jump over there forthwith and have a butchers at the ace tutorials he's got!

Download the free sample tutorial and all assets!! Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6 - Sample Tutorial - Grasses (39Mb zip file including reference material & PDF)


Car Modelling Tips
Automatic Shield Generator
Microscopic Hair
Watery Paint Splats
Faked SSS
Camera Shake & Grips
CD Material
Automatic Geometry Optimisation
Mosaic Cards
Chalk Line Material
Magic Dust
Dynamic Atmosphere
Soft Drink (Cola) Material
Stone Structure
Cut Glass Modelling
Working With Large Bitmaps
Single Bitmap Materials
Tyre Tracks in Mud
Brushed / Lathed Metal
Wrapping Vine
Tinfoil material
Starfield (Nebula 1/2)
Nebula 2/2
Oil Slick
Automatic Engine Firing
Timelapse Construction
PFlow Object "Construction"
Watercolour Effect
Crash Landing
Splat Gun
Refraction Colours
Faked Sub Surface Scattering
Photoshop CS Tips
Growing Plants
Feedback Effect
Terracotta Material
Sun 1/2
Sun 2/2
Tyre Tread
Refractive Caustics
Engineering Material (cross- hatching)
Gaseous Fire
Pin Art
Reflective Caustics
Raindrop Ripples
Snowy Terrain
Dissolving Planet
Fish-Eye Lens
Entering Atmosphere
Pearlescent Spray Paint
Stormy Sea Motion
Blending Landscapes Into the Horizon
Electron Microscope
Scene Construction Effect
Earth Planet Material
Non Photorealistic Rendering (NPR)
Eyelid Modelling and Animation
Escalator Steps
Global Illumination
Automatic Particle Explosion Timing
Skydome Bitmap Animation
Space Clouds
Bullet Time
Volumetric smoke
Scattering Objects Over a Sphere
50 Ways to Work Faster in 3ds max

free tutorials (descriptive content plus large amount of steps to reproduce)

Ice Comet Fragmentation



School of Fish (Crowd Control)
Blood Spatter
Volumetric Style Clouds
MPV Cellshade
Colliding Asteroids
When Worlds Collide
Logo Tutorial for Plasma (originally hosted on Cre@te Online's Site before magazine retirement)
Plasma Plane
Perfect Stormy Wave

All articles, tutorials and resources are Copyright Pete Draper

Reproduction without permission prohibited.