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Pete Draper

Makuta VFX - Division Head & Chief Technical Director

05/12/12 Lack of Updates and YouTube Video Tutorials

Apologies to all but I've not had a spare few mins to update the site in, well, a very long time due to the day to day operations of running Makuta. However, as part compensation, I've uploaded a bunch of 3ds Max Video Tutorials to YouTube - check out the Education page for direct links and link to My YouTube Channel... I'll hopefully make this a more regular thing in future, possibly with some additional one-on-one Q&A stuff, depending on my schedule.

If you want more frequent updates, please grab me on Facebook for notification...


14/04/10 - New Visual Effects Company Founded!

Drawing on the success of recent features (Ghajni, Magadheera et al), myself, Adel Adili and RC Kamalakannan along with acclaimed director SS Rajamouli and additional investors have founded Makuta VFX, based out of Hyderabad, India.

For more information on this exciting new venture, please visit Animation Xpress here


15/02/10 Missing Planet Map - Fixing Autodesk's Balls-up

It's come to my attention that Autodesk omitted / retired the procedural Planet Map without letting people know about it. Good work yeah? This is used within the Snow Drifts tutorial within the DTE 3rd Edition and I've had a few emails over the last week as to how to get it back. Thankfully they have left it in there, but only via MAXScript exposure - open up the listener and drop in:

sphere material:(standard diffusemap:(planet()))

which will generate a Sphere primitive and assign a material with a Planet map to it. You can then open the Material Editor, sample the material from the scene and use the Planet map wherever you need it (copy, instance, whatever).


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